ByBozo Amsterdam Weekdays

Groups Floral, Aquatic
The top notes are Lily, Aldehydes
The middle notes are Peony, Lily Of The Valley, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom
The base notes are Sandalwood, Musk
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 053a
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Bybozo Amsterdam Weekdays "Amsterdam Weekdays" is a fantasy floral fragrance that will have you bursting with ecstatic energy from the very first second, particularly for the unpredictable feminine.

Ice water lily notes are perfectly intertwined with aldehydes in the top notes.

Bybozo "Amsterdam Weekdays" fragrance is alluring and screams fresh.

If the fragrance is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of humanity, then it surely has to include flora and fauna…. a whole rose and ballet lily bouquet even. A frosty pickle coolness founded on a balsamic sandalwood and spicy musk base, makes the fragrance unstoppable.

Цветочные, Водяные

Groups: Floral, Aquatic

Weekdays in Amsterdam is in the floral aquatic perfume group, which offers a pleasant, light, and floral scent, and creates a feeling of eternal spring and celebration.


The top notes are: Water Lily, Aldehyde

The top notes of a fragrance begin with a hint of water lilies and pure aldehydes. These exquisite flowers create a classic chord together, which is crisp and elegant.

Кувшинка, Альдегиды
Пион, Ландыш, Чайная Роза, Апельсиновый цвет

The middle notes are: Peony, Lily Of The Valley, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom

The heart of the composition is in the luxurious bouquet of airy peony, soft orange blossom, sensual tea rose, and delicate white lily of the valley. This magnificent bouquet emphasizes the multifaceted beauty of a woman's nature.


The base notes are: Sandalwood, Musk

The base of this composition is built around the sandal note. Sensual musk adds a touch of softness to the woody and sandal olfactory profile, completing the perfume with exceptional delicacy.

Сандал, Мускус
ByBozo Amsterdam Weekdays ByBozo Amsterdam Weekdays ByBozo Amsterdam Weekdays ByBozo Amsterdam Weekdays
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