ByBozo Decent

Groups Floral, Woody, Musky
The top notes are Pink Pepper
The middle notes are Lychee, Peony
The base notes are Ambergris, Cedar, Musk
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 872a
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ByBozo Decent. The scent of diligent behaviour. A decent woman smells reserved. Her fragrance remains with her, not crossing boundaries. The symphony is played to the letter. The pink pepper starts at the beginning, the woody-floral chord and the peony enter. He seems strict, but you can't hold back the magic: she reveals herself in the bliss of the final toxins, powdery musk, the sound of white cedar, and muted ambergris. Like a harp.

The scent of diligent behaviour. Velvety fragrance.

Цветочные, Древесные, Мускусные

Groups: Floral, Woody, Musky

Decent belongs to the woody floral musk fragrances. This group’s aromas are for confident women unafraid of being strong and self-sufficient, yet captivatingly tender and charming.


The top notes are: Pink Pepper

At first you feel the spicy notes of a pink pepper, which sound like the leitmotif of a heartfelt melody when the composition opens.

Розовый перец
Личи, Пион

The middle notes are: Lychee, Peony

A tender peony smells sweetly in the heart of the fragrance with bold yet transparent entailing aroma. The sweet and rich lychee balances and emphasizes the lush scent of a magnificent flower.


The base notes are: Ambergris, Cedar, Musk

Amber, cedar, and musk are in the base of this composition. They surround the elegant floral heart, giving strength and attraction to the trembling peony.

Амбра, Кедр, Мускус
ByBozo Decent ByBozo Decent ByBozo Decent ByBozo Decent ByBozo Decent
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How to order a 18 ml?
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Antonina, 19.04.2022
I would like to try the perfume bybozo
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