ByBozo Joker

Groups Floral, Oriental
The top notes are Caramel, Tobacco, Berries, Orange
The middle notes are Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 506a
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Bybozo Joker: villain or madman? How much you use decides everything! A dark evening. Thick caramel topped off with red berries. An unripe orange laughs ironically... and the next thing you know... there's notes of tobacco! Oh, how this Joker, like a werewolf, turns his shadowy side towards you and laughs! He's tricked you. He doesn't smoke. It's patchouli! It disappears at midnight, leaving notes of tuberose, exotic orchids, and the whitest lilies. A sinner, magician, or a pretender? A veil of vanilla will drape itself over your soul and will remind you of its existence with the scent of wood oil. Loud, brave, unforgettable.

Цветочные, Восточные

Groups: Floral, Oriental

Joker belongs to the oriental-floral group. These bold, expressive, and complex aromas will charm anyone.


The top notes are: Caramel, Tobacco, Berries, Orange

A powerful mix of rich caramel and smoky tobacco surprises your senses, with juicy orange and sweet berry accord. Fantastically intriguing notes are so different from one another, artfully woven into a unique, complex fragrance.

Карамель, Табак, Ягоды, Апельсин
Лилия, Орхидея, Тубероза

The middle notes are: Lily, Orchid, Tuberose

A sultry tuberose languishes in the heart of the composition, intoxicating the mind with its sultry scent. Sensual lily and mysterious orchid add seductive beauty to this perfume.


The base notes are: Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes

Sweet and spicy vanilla, mixed with earthy patchouli and oriental accord make this fragrance so incredibly dynamic and lasting.

Ваниль, Пачули, Восточные ноты
ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker
POTD, 22.06.2022
Attention tuberose lovers because this perfume will leave you amazed.
Top notes are caramel, tobacco, red berries and orange. However, it smells minty to my nose for the first few minutes, and with the tuberose allowing itself to be appreciated from the beginning. In the dry down, tuberose takes on more prominence and becomes the undisputed main actress of the perfume, guarded by orchid and lily. Base notes declared by the brand are "oriental notes" vanilla and patchouli.
Tuberose is a note that I didn't like at the beginning of my olfactory journey, but over time I have been appreciating more and more and now I enjoy it a lot. Great fragrance!
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