ByBozo Richness

Groups Aldehyde, Floral
The top notes are Rose, Pink pepper, Aldehydes
The middle notes are Orange, Peony, Violet
The base notes are Woody notes, Musk
Volume 18 ml.
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ByBozo Richness is the fragrance of an accomplished lady. It tells us about her experience and wisdom of the soul. It’s noble, fragile, and  high-status, yet crystal clear.

Elegant and strict Bybozo Richness creates an unobtrusive and delicate aura, yet the fragrance is eccentric and multifaceted.

You can scent aldehyde chords at the very beginning, intersecting with sweet and woody red pepper. The fragrance starts with a chic rose that is refined and multifaceted. After a while, a gentle delicate flush of velvet peony and powder violet comes into play. Leaves of honey-citrus orange give the middle notes a feeling of warmth and coolness. The unusual crystal trail is fixed with woody notes, and the musk captures this attractive aroma.

It’s a boudoir minimalism in a bottle, so charming and neat. Soul’s richness is genuine wealth, indeed!

The aroma story

Richness is the soul’s nobility. Wealth doesn’t mean cars, houses and factories you own. Wealth is people and their respect for each other. It’s coming to the rescue when needed - a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

Aldehyde, Floral

Groups: Aldehyde, Floral

Richness is in the floral aldehyde fragrance family. These aromas are perfume classics. They charm you with simple elegance and persistence.


Head notes: Rose, Pink pepper, Aldehydes

At first you scent the coolness of a fresh morning rose, the light spiciness of pink pepper and the sensuality of an aldehyde chord. Their unity emphasizes the classic profile of this feminine and elegant composition.

Роза, Розовый перец, Альдегиды
Апельсин, Пион, Фиалка

Heart notes: Orange, Peony, Violet

A delicate floral bouquet of peonies and violets blooms in the heart of this fragrance, complemented by the sweet aroma of freshly picked orange.


Base notes: Woody notes, Musk

This perfume’s foundation is built on the elegance of soft woodiness, decorated with airy, barely there musk, for light and unforgettable scent.

Древесные ноты, Мускус
ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness
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