ByBozo Topless

Groups Floral, Woody, Musky
The top notes are Bergamot, Marigold, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Orange
The middle notes are Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes
Volume 18 ml.
Code: 469b
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Bybozo Topless. Love at first breath. Confident, brave, defenceless. She came out into the sun, drawing everyone’s attention with her beauty. Trembling, excited, her heart opened up, gardens filled with flowers; captivating jasmine, grasse roses and creamy osmanthus. Good god, how beautiful! Naked, desirable, covered in tuberoses, voluptuous. She just is. And she blooms. And Daffodil is reflected in the milk, because she’s just seduced him, and he’s fallen in love for the first time! He’s invited her on a date under the white cedar, and the muted ambergris makes sure no one disturbs them.

Цветочные, Древесные, Мускусные

Groups: Floral, Woody, Musky

Topless is in the floral-woody-musky fragrance group, which fascinates with boldness and richness, and is intended for brave and confident ladies.


The top notes are: Jasmine, Grasse rose, Osmanthus

The luxury of a carnal jasmine, intoxication of osmanthus, and delicacy of Grasse rose begin this multifaceted, complex, and beautiful union of floral notes.

Жасмин, Грасская роза, Османтус
Тубероза, Молоко, Нарцисс

The middle notes are: Tuberose, Milk, Daffodil

Sensual tuberose and sweet narcissus are at the heart of the fragrance, anointed with the most delicate milky accord, emphasizing the perfume’s feminine character.


The base notes are: White Cedar, Ambergris

Thick amber and expressive white cedar are the firm foundation for this bold and passionate scent.

Белый кедр, Амбра
ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless
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