BYBOZO Date in Paris

Groups Floral, Woody, Musky
The top notes are Bergamot, Marigold, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Orange
The middle notes are Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes
Volume 18 ml.
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This Date you’ll never forget. It’s like a blessed aftertaste following the meeting with beloved one. Here you can experience the whole range of feelings: delight, timidity, romantic mood and unlimited happiness.

The first note of the scent is bitter orange, so called part of the "sensual" mixtures. A date should leave only pleasant memories in your memory, so rosemary was given a softening role. Rosemary gives a slightly sweet woody-resinous flavor, which makes the fragrance multifaceted and warm from the first minute of acquaintance.

Intense plum reveals on the skin in an amazing way: it is mysterious and seductive at the same time. Combined with a balsamic floral accord of heliotrope, the fragrance becomes truly unique! Iris captivates secretly, but irrevocably. To give the composition " spaciousness" and a special flavor, the creators added seaweed, which led to a magical result of freshness, coolness and delicacy at the same time.

The role of an aphrodisiac on this date was given to the soft velvety White oud. Like a light ghost, the balanced addition of cedar and moss envelops its owner with a thick resinous sound.

The Scent is an impression. From the first breath he deliberately leaves behind a breathtaking "deep" sillage of mysterious magic.


The aroma story

One evening, while spending time at his favorite restaurant, Hamoudi Khalil watched the patrons. Beautiful music played; his beloved Paris was visible outside the window. Everything was beautiful and calm. A young couple walked in.

She was wonderful. A modest smile, thick dark curls, a shy look now and then fell on her chosen one. She was happy, it was felt even at the next table.

He was silent all evening. He just sat nearby and did not take his eyes off his chosen one. A look full of admiration and love.

It was a date. Date in Paris. And it was amazingly magical.

Woody, Aquatic

Groups: Woody, Aquatic

Date in Paris belongs to the woody, aquatic perfumes. Fragrances of this group are sparkling and cold but multifaceted in its disclosure.


Head notes: Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Grape seeds

Fragrance begins with bitter notes of orange. They intertwining with sweet-spicy sound of rosemary. The main aromatic pattern creates a picture of walking in pines under the light spring rain.

Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Grape seeds
Тубероза, Молоко, Нарцисс

Heart notes: European Plum, Heliotrope, Salt, Iris, Seaweed

Heart notes represented by source taste of plum pulp. Aquatic nature revealed by seaweed and salt. Balance bringing notes are soft, milky heliotrope and powdery iris.


Base notes: White Oud, Virginia Cedar, Oak Moss

Certain primordial nature in base represented by fine sorts of wood. Classic combo of White Oud and Virginia Cedar shaded by chilly melody of Oak Moss.

White Oud, Virginia cedar, Oakmoss
BYBOZO Date in Paris BYBOZO Date in Paris BYBOZO Date in Paris BYBOZO Date in Paris
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