ByBozo Black Mafia

Groups Woody, Wine Glass
The top notes are Grass
The middle notes are Woody notes, Tobacco, Coffee
The base notes are Incense
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 520a
160.00 €
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Bybozo Black Mafia is an outrageous arrogance in a bottle. This cologne is a challenge, an audacity!

It’s nighttime. The forest is dark and dense. In the depth, you can see the smoke of the extinct fire. Flickering coals are still crackling...There is something alluring and magical about it. Would you dare to enter this shady forest?

Only the mafia would. The forest seems inviting. The crushed green note spreads branches, lures, and sweetly captivates. It seems so homey and welcoming.. the mafia can’t stop.

The Mafia’s heart is sweet and smoky, enveloped in an aura of roasted coffee beans, hot tobacco, and resinous thick wood. The oud is beautiful here. It softly whispers: "I'll pretend to be a vanilla pod so you won’t be scared." Intoxicating olibanum is like a guardian angel behind you, an animal instinct.

An original and brave aftertaste. Truly strong, sexual, and beastly aroma. Watch out! The mafia doesn’t sleep.

The aroma story

Black Mafia is dedicated to ghettos. Paris has special dark streets with invisible hand dividing neighborhoods ruled by non-existing mafia. You scent power and audacity in this cologne. No compromises, but be careful, because the mafia never sleeps.

Древесные, Фужерные

Groups: Woody, Aromatic

Black Mafia belongs to the woody and fougere fragrance group, which envelopes with warm aura, confidence, and comfort, emphasizing the steadiness of a willpower.


Head notes: Grass

The top notes of a fragrance begin with a tart herbal chord of meadow herbs. They are like a mottled carpet spread out on the doorstep of a dense dark forest alluring with unfamiliarity and mystique.

Древесные ноты, Табак, Кофе

Heart notes: Woody notes, Tobacco, Coffee

There is a powerful wooden chord in the heart of the composition, complemented by elegant notes of tobacco smoke and bitterness of a strong coffee. The olfactory profile is of a truly manly fragrance.


Base notes: Incense

Olibanum is in the base of this fragrance that is noble and mysterious. It pierces the entire composition with a smoky and dreamy aroma.

ByBozo Black Mafia ByBozo Black Mafia ByBozo Black Mafia ByBozo Black Mafia
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