ByBozo Eternal Rainbow

Groups Floral, Fruity
The base notes are Vetiver, Laurel, Grapefruit, Floral notes, Blackberry
Volume 75 ml.
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A rainbow over the blooming fields of Montpellier

Creation history:

Eternal Rainbow – that's exactly the rainbow Hamoudi Khalil, the founder of the perfume house BYBOZO, saw while walking in the vicinity of the French city of Montpellier. This fragrance captures the atmosphere of blooming French fields after the rain. Imagine bright, rain-kissed flowers in full bloom, green grasses, bushes of ripe berries, a dense forest. And above all this colorful splendor, there stretches a bright rainbow. This fragrant creation embodies joy and delight!

Fragrance Character:

An olfactory antidepressant, an embodiment of good mood! It bestows a sense of euphoria and happiness, enveloping you in a seductive fragrant veil that combines lightness, brightness, and a playful mood. Red flowers, ripe grapefruit, vetiver, spicy laurel, crowned with juicy blackberries - a whole spectrum of fragrant harmony. Bright and elusive, gentle and airy - a fragrant rainbow in a bottle.


Groups: Floral, Fruity

Eternal Rainbow belongs to the floral fruity fragrances, which envelop with a delicate aura of crisp fruits and elegant flowers. It’s surprisingly light and delicate, yet lasting and multifaceted.


Base notes: Vetiver, Laurel, Grapefruit, Floral notes, Blackberry

The aroma begins with a pure floral accord, resembling dewy flowers after a cool summer rain. The sensuality of the floral scent combines with the coolness of a juicy grapefruit, bringing light fruitiness to this composition.

The noble aroma of the laurel with sweet and sour juicy blackberries stand out in the heart of the composition. These notes create a complex, paradoxical, yet very attractive olfactory union.

The vetiver scent is in the base of this perfume, completing this light and elegant fragrance with a soft and woody impression.

Ветивер, Лавр, Грейпфрут, Цветочные ноты, Ежевика
ByBozo Eternal Rainbow ByBozo Eternal Rainbow ByBozo Eternal Rainbow ByBozo Eternal Rainbow ByBozo Eternal Rainbow
Светлана , 06.07.2022
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Andrii, 24.06.2022
Hello, I want buy this product. How I can do it? I'm live in Poland. Thank you.
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Morais, 23.06.2022
Un super parfum . Il sent super bon et tient toute la journee. Je l adore et je le recommande. Merci
BYBOZO, 31.08.2022
Merci pour votre avis !
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