ByBozo Topless

Groups Floral, Woody, Musky
The top notes are Bergamot, Marigold, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Orange
The middle notes are Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 469a
160.00 €
Not available

ByBozo Topless is a sensual and bold whirlwind of real emotions. It’s love from the first breath, a complete temptation and addiction.

Intriguing Bybozo Topless is dedicated to the symphony of the most beautiful flowers and is made for uninhibited and passionate ladies. The owner of this fragrance is a self-confident lady who captivates others with her desires.

The trembling and exhilarating fragrance is opened by a rich chord of captivating jasmine, fragrant rose, and creamy osmanthus. The beautiful tuberose comes up in the middle notes, making this sweet perfume seductive. Still, it doesn’t release its sharp “claws”. The harmonious combination of narcissus on the milky background creates an alluring effect. The deep sound of white cedar and muffled amber completes the composition.

Want compliments and admiring looks? Sweet and seducing Topless will ensure the attention you deserve!

The aroma story

Topless is like an unforgettable and even shocking weekend in Ibiza Hamoudi. Fun, madness, fearless modern people and luxury in all its manifestation. It all shocked the BYBOZO creator so much that a name for a sweet and passionate fragrance was instantly born in his head. It is the embodiment of a hypnotic and uninhabited nature.

Цветочные, Древесные, Мускусные

Groups: Floral, Woody, Musky

Topless is in the floral-woody-musky fragrance group, which fascinates with boldness and richness, and is intended for brave and confident ladies.


Head notes: Jasmine, Grasse rose, Osmanthus

The luxury of a carnal jasmine, intoxication of osmanthus, and delicacy of Grasse rose begin this multifaceted, complex, and beautiful union of floral notes.

Жасмин, Грасская роза, Османтус
Тубероза, Молоко, Нарцисс

Heart notes: Tuberose, Milk, Daffodil

Sensual tuberose and sweet narcissus are at the heart of the fragrance, anointed with the most delicate milky accord, emphasizing the perfume’s feminine character.


Base notes: White Cedar, Ambergris

Thick amber and expressive white cedar are the firm foundation for this bold and passionate scent.

Белый кедр, Амбра
ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless ByBozo Topless
Angelina , 01.09.2022
It's incredible fabulous fragrance!!! It's so femeny and sexy, sweet on top, but very fresh same time after 5 mins on your body! This is absolutely gorgeous perfume. It's good for day time because it's very fresh, but perfect for night club because it's so fresh and sweet again! I love it! Milky Sweet cake!
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Allie, 13.08.2022
How much is the fragrance “topless”? Do you ship to US?
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Ekaterina , 20.06.2022
Can You say me price ?
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Emilia , 30.04.2022
Can I have the address of the retail stores that carry the perfumes in Paris?
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Golubichenko , 18.04.2022
Bonjour. Je voudrais acheter ce parfum. Comment cela peut-il être fait. Merci de votre compréhension.
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