ByBozo Brutal

Groups Spicy, Woody
The top notes are Tangerine, Lemon
The middle notes are Patchouli, Vetiver, Jasmine
The base notes are Vanilla
Volume 18 ml.
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Bybozo Brutal is a cologne that catches with its audacity! Imagine an early morning, sunrise, and a languid look from your other half. Perhaps, it will be more than just a look..

Intoxicating Bybozo Brutal will suit a serious high-status man. A tart trail allures with power, creating an atmosphere of thick warm smoke and mystery.

The opening notes begin with a crispy lemon and a tart tangerine, but a moment later, the aroma becomes thick and resinous. Beautiful patchouli and warm creamy vanilla are in the heart of this composition. Jasmine balances this combination of notes.

Treat yourself to this fragrant adventure, exciting emotions and the world you've been dreaming about for a while..

The aroma story

Brutal is dedicated to Hamoudi’s close friend. It captures the spirit of a man who has worked a lot and achieved significantly: fame, money, and admiration of women. His actions speak louder than words and he always keeps his promises. His gaze is confident, and his mind is at ease.

Пряные, Древесные

Groups: Spicy, Woody

Brutal is in the woody and spicy perfume group, which warms with enveloping sensual heat, and leaves behind an incomparably thick Oriental trail.


Head notes: Tangerine, Lemon

As soon as you smell it, you feel the juicy, tart notes of ripe mandarin and lemon. These invigorating notes soak the composition in the sunny energy of a hot summer day.

Мандарин, Лимон
Пачули, Ветивер, Жасмин

Heart notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Jasmine

A brutal chord of patchouli, vetiver, and jasmine notes is in the heart of this perfume. Earthy notes combined with delicate floral aroma create a controversial, yet uncompromisingly attractive olfactory profile.


Base notes: Vanilla

Aromatic vanilla completes this manly fragrance with spicy sweetness and sensuality.

ByBozo Brutal ByBozo Brutal ByBozo Brutal ByBozo Brutal
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