Bybozo French Kiss

Groups Floral, Spicy
The top notes are Lemon verbena, Neroli
The middle notes are Saffron, Fig, Barberry, Corn, Magnolia, Cherry blossom
The base notes are Meringue, Pear Wood, Amber
Volume 75 ml.
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The fragrance awakens for kisses

Creation history:

French Kiss is the second fragrance in the «Amour Story» collection, dedicated to a romantic love story. The scent of Date in Paris conveys exciting emotions on a date, while the composition of French Kiss is a true passion that ignites thereafter.

Paris is the city of romantic encounters. It is graceful boulevards, exquisite restaurants, the Eiffel Tower, and, of course, LOVE. Love is the endless longing for each other; it is pleasure, happiness, romance, passion, and attraction, it's smiles and kisses.

French Kiss is a sensual aromatic elixir that embodies the passionate art of the French kiss. With each breath, you are transported into a sensual world of secret desires and temptations, where the "chemistry" between lovers literally hangs in the air, the atmosphere becomes electrified, and shivers run down your body.

Through this fragrance, the new perfumer of the BYBOZO Paris brand, Marzia Tissino, has captured the very essence of seduction, awakening passion, and creating unforgettable sensations that are imprinted as sensual memories on your lips and in your heart.

Fragrance Character:

A sensual scent dedicated to the passionate essence of the French kiss. The fragrance is crafted to envelop you in a seductive and irresistible aromatic aura, awakening sensuality, desire, and a thirst for kisses.

This is a scent of wild passion! In its composition, the notes seem to entwine in sensual embraces, arousing secret desires in those who inhale the scent from your skin. The composition opens with a piquant hint of lemon verbena. But it's not all as simple as it may seem in the first minute. The interplay and spectacle of the notes are impressive. A captivating trail of cherry blossoms captures attention. Magnolia caresses with its mysterious sound, symbolizing the most tender romantic feelings. The meringue accord, like the "cherry on top," with its gourmet tone emphasizes the seductive character of the fragrance. This "French Kiss" will turn heads for you and those around you!


Groups: Floral, Spicy

French Kiss belongs to the floral spicy group. The fragrances in this group are distinguished by their delicate floral tones that gradually transition into the comforting warmth of spicy notes


Head notes: Lemon verbena, Neroli

This unique fragrance begins with the freshness of lemon verbena and the elegance of neroli, immersing its wearer in a sensation of lightness and luxury.

Lemon verbena, Neroli
Saffron, Fig, Barberry, Corn, Magnolia, Cherry blossom

Heart notes: Saffron, Fig, Barberry, Corn, Magnolia, Cherry blossom

The heart of the composition gradually unfolds with delicate notes of saffron, fig, and barberry, which, combined with accords of corn and cherry blossom, create a true perfumed symphony.


Base notes: Meringue, Pear Wood, Amber

The real magic happens in the final stage, where notes of meringue, pear wood, and amber interweave to create depth and longevity, leaving a mysterious and unforgettable impression.

Meringue, Pear Wood, Amber
Bybozo French Kiss Bybozo French Kiss Bybozo French Kiss Bybozo French Kiss
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