ByBozo Habibi

Groups Gourmet
The top notes are Grass
The middle notes are Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants
The base notes are Musk, Sandalwood
Volume 75 ml.
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160.00 €
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Bybozo Habibi, "Sweetheart", an enveloping aura that will sweep you away from the outside world into self-discovery; a serene world. A fragrance that will reveal its wearer's inner self.

Soft gourmand Bybozo Sweetheart will do when you want spiritual warmth and, of course, magic.

The composition starts with bright greenery. You find yourself in a forest with a damp broken twig with leaves next to it. And perhaps this is just the first step towards solitude with yourself.

The Creamy heart: here almonds, red currant leaf and cherry come into play. This trio creates a hypnotic dream sensation. Everything is woven together so harmoniously that there is an a priori peacefulness. The fragrance becomes softer and calmer over time. The fragrance captivates your personal space.

Powdery musk and muted sandalwood round out this fabulous pyramid.

Serenely relaxing and incredibly beautiful! We guarantee that Habibi will tactfully and discreetly give its wearer even more confidence!

The aroma story

Habibi means embracing yourself just the way you are - real, with all your strengths and weaknesses. In the Khalil Hamoudi family, the word "Habibi" sounded often. That’s what they call their dear and loved ones. This word embodies attentiveness, tenderness, care and love.


Groups: Gourmet

Habibi belongs to the oriental gourmand perfumes. Fragrances in this group are multifaceted, elegant, and exceptionally lasting.


Head notes: Grass

At first you scent fresh green herbs from the Mediterranean coast, followed by the refined aroma of fresh sea breeze and warm sun.

Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants

Heart notes: Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants

A juicy note of red cherry, complemented by the freshness of a red currant leaf and the milky tenderness of almonds are at the very heart of this composition.


Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood

A classic base of creamy musk and milky sandalwood completes this refined fragrance.

Мускус, Сандал
ByBozo Habibi ByBozo Habibi ByBozo Habibi ByBozo Habibi
Olga, 31.03.2023
Helllo! Can I find out the price of the product? Habibi 75 ml
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Viktoria , 28.10.2022
Delivery to Israel ?
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Tatjana Radosh, 13.08.2022
Parfum Habibi 18 ml.
From Nederland
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Karina Dilone, 26.06.2022
This fragrance is so gorgeous and fresh! In the summer is sunshine in a bottle. The cherry note among with the almond is simply fantastic adding the green notes. The perfect match! Habibi is my new love from bybozo. Very original and beautiful in all senses.
ByBozo, 15.08.2022
Thank you very much!
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Lourdes Jiménez , 04.06.2022
Soy de España y me gustaría adquirir Habibi. ¿Es en esta misma página? No encuentro para darle añadir cesta. ¿Podría ayudarme? Gracias
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luzney, 05.05.2022
can I buy to Mexico and usa
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Noemí Viña , 14.04.2022
Buenos días,
Soy de Alicante (España) me gustaría adquirir el perfume Bybozo Habibi pero no sé dónde lo venden en mi país. Les rogaría me dieran información.
Un saludo
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