ByBozo In Law

Groups Spicy, Woody
The base notes are Saffron, Oud, Clove, Vetiver
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 858a
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Bybozo In Law - A few drops of this elixir will give greatness and sexuality to the male image. Legalized aphrodisiac is a sign of legitimate power.

It's an expert balance of quality ingredients, with laconic simplicity and only natural chords. The cologne is specifically made for a modern man. It’s the minimalism in a bottle.

The elegant composition is wrapped in a thick and woody trail intertwined with sweet carnation. Earthy vetiver envelops its owner brutally and loudly. Flawless oud sounds pure, sustained, and crystal. Silky saffron is the king of the ensemble that creates a mysterious warm aura with a slight bitterness.

It’s the smell of power and success, laconic simplicity, and masterly balance!

The aroma story

In Law is elegant and reserved cologne custom-made by Khalil Hamoudi. BYBOZO creator always wears this scent for business negotiations. It’s like a sign of authority, true gentleman’s cologne.

Spicy, Woody

Groups: Spicy, Woody

In-Law belongs to the woody, spicy perfume group, which warms with enveloping sensual heat, leaving behind an incomparably thick Oriental trail.


Base notes: Saffron, Oud, Clove, Vetiver

At first, you feel the saffron, the gem of spices. Its refined aroma accentuates the owner's status, followed by the carnation, which floral, green olfactory profile fills the composition with fresh notes familiar from the best classical perfumes.

Precious oud and soft earthy vetiver complete this multifaceted composition created for refined beauty and noble luxury connoisseurs.

Шафран, Уд, Гвоздика, Ветивер
ByBozo In Law ByBozo In Law ByBozo In Law ByBozo In Law ByBozo In Law
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