ByBozo Joker

Groups Floral, Oriental
The top notes are Caramel, Tobacco, Berries, Orange
The middle notes are Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes
Volume 75 ml.
Code: 506a
160.00 €
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Provocation Fragrance!

Creation history:

Joker - it's a bold, daring, impulsive fragrance. The Joker is the most mysterious card in the deck. In card battles, the Joker plays different roles. The key is to make the right move. Everything is in your hands! It's a fragrance for real rebels who are accustomed to living by their own rules!

Fragrance Character:

In this fragrance, people will talk about you! It's bright, bold, unforgettable! The fragrance plays by its own rules, showing you both its bright and dark sides. The captivating fragrance opens with a gourmet blend of warm red berries covered in luscious caramel and accented with the freshness of green orange. Tobacco notes in the fragrance are present as a mere suggestion, adding a touch of vice to the composition. In the heart, there's the narcotic tuberose, exotic orchid, and delicate white lily. The base unfolds with enveloping vanilla and exotic monoi oil. The fragrance is bright, daring, and persistent!

Цветочные, Восточные

Groups: Floral, Oriental

Joker belongs to the group of floral-oriental compositions. Fragrances in this group have an expressive, bright, and complex character that won't leave anyone indifferent.


Head notes: Caramel, Tobacco, Berries, Orange

The fragrance starts with a bright cocktail of intense caramel and smoky tobacco, adorned with juicy orange and ripe berries. A fantastic and intriguing combination of notes, each with its own character, skillfully woven into a complex and unique composition.

Карамель, Табак, Ягоды, Апельсин
Лилия, Орхидея, Тубероза

Heart notes: Lily, Orchid, Tuberose

In the heart of the composition, the intoxicating tuberose exudes a mesmerizing fragrance. Sensual lily and mysterious orchid add seductive beauty to the overall fragrance.


Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes

Sweet, spicy vanilla and earthy patchouli in combination with oriental accords form an incredibly dynamic and long-lasting base for the fragrance.

Ваниль, Пачули, Восточные ноты
ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker
POTD, 22.06.2022
Attention tuberose lovers because this perfume will leave you amazed.
Top notes are caramel, tobacco, red berries and orange. However, it smells minty to my nose for the first few minutes, and with the tuberose allowing itself to be appreciated from the beginning. In the dry down, tuberose takes on more prominence and becomes the undisputed main actress of the perfume, guarded by orchid and lily. Base notes declared by the brand are "oriental notes" vanilla and patchouli.
Tuberose is a note that I didn't like at the beginning of my olfactory journey, but over time I have been appreciating more and more and now I enjoy it a lot. Great fragrance!
BYBOZO, 31.08.2022
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