ByBozo Richness

Groups Aldehyde, Floral
The top notes are Rose, Pink pepper, Aldehydes
The middle notes are Orange, Peony, Violet
The base notes are Woody notes, Musk
Volume 18 ml.
Code: 377b
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Bybozo Richness. We’ll be here for a long time. Aldehyde chords begin a quiet song, accompanied by the noble rose. Sweet pepper, woody red, starts the verse. Everything has come true. He’s succeeded, it’s all come true for him, and he tells us all about his experience. “It was a slow journey, but it brought me wisdom,” sings the velvet peony. “We have long dreamed of this moment,” replies the powdery violet. “It’s like a cool summer evening,” echo the orange leaves in a sweet voice. “May it be so forever,” the wood notes begin. “It’s an ode to a rich experience, which has brought us plenty,” confirms the musk. “And we’ll be here for a long time. We’ll sing until dawn."

Aldehyde, Floral

Groups: Aldehyde, Floral

Richness is in the floral aldehyde fragrance family. These aromas are perfume classics. They charm you with simple elegance and persistence.


The top notes are: Rose, Pink pepper, Aldehydes

At first you scent the coolness of a fresh morning rose, the light spiciness of pink pepper and the sensuality of an aldehyde chord. Their unity emphasizes the classic profile of this feminine and elegant composition.

Роза, Розовый перец, Альдегиды
Апельсин, Пион, Фиалка

The middle notes are: Orange, Peony, Violet

A delicate floral bouquet of peonies and violets blooms in the heart of this fragrance, complemented by the sweet aroma of freshly picked orange.


The base notes are: Woody notes, Musk

This perfume’s foundation is built on the elegance of soft woodiness, decorated with airy, barely there musk, for light and unforgettable scent.

Древесные ноты, Мускус
ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness ByBozo Richness
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