ByBozo Sea Breeze

Groups Floral, Aquatic
The top notes are Lily, Aldehydes
The middle notes are Peony, Lily Of The Valley, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom
The base notes are Sandalwood, Musk
Volume 75 ml.
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Vacation on the French Riviera

Creation history:

Sea Breeze is Hamudi's declaration of love, the founder of the BYBOZO perfume house, to the French Riviera. It is an ode to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, evergreen shrubs, palm-lined alleys, and citrus trees. Hamudi recalls how the idea for creating this fragrance came to him... He was walking along the Mediterranean coast, enjoying the rocky shores, the azure sea, and the scent of salty sea breeze, which carried hints of sun-warmed citrus.

Fragrance Character:

Like a cloud of delight and unearthly happiness. What could be more pleasant than the caress of the sea breeze on your skin? A light wind playing with the waves showers passersby with splashes of salty water. The Sea Breeze fragrance encapsulates the freedom of the wind, its lightness, and serenity. From the first seconds, the scent is invigorating with the bright combination of ripe citrus and fresh pink pepper. An exotic touch is provided by the juicy carambola fruit. The unique combination of sea salt, tiare flower, and pomelo creates such an intimate and seductive ensemble that no one will remain indifferent.


Groups: Fougere

Sea Breeze belongs to the fougère compositions. Fragrances in this group are characterized by a light and airy nature. Such fragrances fill you with lightness and energy in the summer, and on overcast autumn days, they remind you of the sun and bring good cheer.


Head notes: Lemon, Pink Pepper

The fragrance begins with a juicy, sunny note of lemon, intensified by the spicy pink pepper.

Лимон, Розовый перец
Морская соль, Карамбола, Помело, Тиаре

Heart notes: Sea Salt, Carambola, Pomelo, Tiare

In the heart of the fragrance, you find a rich note of sea salt, giving the composition a sensual aquatic character. Carambola, pomelo, and tiare create a juicy tropical blend, evoking images of beautiful tropical countries.


Base notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Amber

At the base of the composition, you'll find notes of sensual amber, sweet vanilla, and smoky vetiver, which further enrich the tropical accord at the heart of the composition.

Ваниль, Ветивер, Амбра
ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze
Александра, 30.11.2022
Добрый день!
Как приобрести sea breeze в России?
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janette , 14.06.2022
where can i purchase this from the united states please?
BYBOZO Paris, 27.11.2023
Dear, we deliver worldwide
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NADEZHDA , 31.05.2022
How much?
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NADEZHDA , 31.05.2022
How much?
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Aracelis Sánchez , 04.05.2022
Do You shipped to Puerto Rico, United States?
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