ByBozo Sea Breeze

Groups Floral, Aquatic
The top notes are Lily, Aldehydes
The middle notes are Peony, Lily Of The Valley, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom
The base notes are Sandalwood, Musk
Volume 18 ml.
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ByBozo Sea Breeze is like a cloud of pleasure and unearthly happiness. What can be better than a stroke of a sea breeze on your skin? A gentle wind, playing with waves and splashing you with salt water? It’s a very personal and intimate elixir of bliss and superiority.

Fougere Sea Breeze is fresh and airy. It’s the freedom of the wind, lightness and serenity. It gently passes into warmth and uplifts your mood. It’s like the sun rays sinking  into the sea waves, giving you a feeling of unity with nature.

As soon as you scent it, the aroma arouses with a ringing combination of a bright and ripe lemon combined with a hot and cold pink pepper. You instantly feel the entry of an exotic star fruit. The fragrance of a citrus freshness smoothly passes into tenderness and peace of mind.

And here comes the mystery of this magic - sea salt, tiare flower, and pomelo. These three ingredients create such an unusual and intimate ensemble, no one will be able to remain indifferent!

The composition is completed with warm and soft shades of vanilla, vetiver, and amber, and the mineral chord adds modernity to this work of art!

The flush of these notes will surely give a heartfelt joy to the wearer. Feel the spirit of freedom! Let this scent take you mentally to the southern coast, where the cool sea mixes the splashes of salt water with warm sand. True bliss, isn’t it?

The aroma story

Sea Breeze is Hamoudi's love confession for the French Riviera when he saw and even felt the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea, ever-green shrubs, palm alleys, and citrus trees.


Groups: Fougere

Sea Breeze is airy and light and it’s in the fougere fragrance family. These scents are perfect for hot summer days, to make you feel fresh and energized.


Head notes: Lemon, Pink Pepper

Juicy sunny lemon is at the start of this composition. The citrus is intensified by the spiciness of pink pepper notes.

Лимон, Розовый перец
Морская соль, Карамбола, Помело, Тиаре

Heart notes: Sea Salt, Carambola, Pomelo, Tiare

Rich and saturated sea salt note is in the heart of the fragrance, giving it an aquatic character. Tropical mix of carambola, pomelo, and tiare make you think of sandy beaches in beautiful tropical countries.


Base notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Amber

Notes of sensual amber, sweet vanilla, and earthy vetiver are in the root of this perfume, emphasizing the juiciness of tropic notes in the heart of the composition.

Ваниль, Ветивер, Амбра
ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze ByBozo Sea Breeze
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