Groups Woody, Aquatic
The top notes are Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Grape Seed
The middle notes are Greengage, Heliotrope, Salt, Iris, Seaweed
The base notes are White Oud, Virginia cedar, Oakmoss
Volume 50 ml
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The BYBOZO perfumed hair mist envelops your hair in an exquisite scent that subtly accompanies you throughout the day. This product moisturizes and conditions your hair without weighing it down, protects it from damage, enhances hair's shine, and makes it easier to comb. The hair perfume is presented in a spray form, making it convenient to carry with you to enhance the trail of your favorite fragrance throughout the day.

Directions of use: Apply the perfumed hair mist to dry or slightly damp hair from a distance of 10-15 cm. The hair mist can be used both on its own and in combination with BYBOZO perfumes.


Creation history:

One evening, while spending time at his favorite restaurant, Hamudi Khalil, the founder of the perfume house BYBOZO, observed the patrons. Beautiful music played, and he had a view of his beloved Paris through the window. A young couple entered the restaurant and sat at a nearby table... The young lady was beautiful. An enchanting smile, thick dark locks, a romantic gaze that frequently fell upon her companion. The man never took his eyes off his companion; his gaze was full of admiration and love. They were happy! You could feel it even from the neighboring table.

It was a date. A date in Paris. And it was magical...

Fragrance Character:

A date you will never forget. The blissful aftertaste of a meeting with your loved one, where the full spectrum of emotions is reflected: delight, tenderness, passion, romance, and boundless happiness. Spicy bitter orange, succulent seductive plum blend with intoxicating heliotrope and sensual iris, making the fragrance truly unique! The role of an aphrodisiac is played by velvety white oud. And a balanced duet of cedar and moss envelops you in a mysterious aura.

Woody, Aquatic

Groups: Woody, Aquatic

Date in Paris belongs to the category of woody-aquatic fragrances. Fragrances in this category are characterized by a sparkling, cold sound and complexity in their development.


Head notes: Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Grape seeds

The fragrance begins with the sound of bitter orange, intertwined with spices.

Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Grape seeds
Тубероза, Молоко, Нарцисс

Heart notes: European Plum, Heliotrope, Salt, Iris, Seaweed

A light fruity shade is imparted to the fragrance by plum. Seaweed and salt bring a light aquatic touch, softening the creamy sound of heliotrope and the powdery note of iris.


Base notes: White Oud, Virginia Cedar, Oak Moss

CNoble woody tones give depth and a strong character to the fragrance. The luxurious white oud and elegant Virginia cedar duo dilutes the bitter green sound of oakmoss.

White Oud, Virginia cedar, Oakmoss
Brume Cheveux DATE IN PARIS Brume Cheveux DATE IN PARIS Brume Cheveux DATE IN PARIS Brume Cheveux DATE IN PARIS
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