Hair Mist DECENT

Groups Floral, Woody, Musky
The top notes are Pink Pepper
The middle notes are Lychee, Peony
The base notes are Ambergris, Cedar, Musk
Volume 50 ml
Code: 872h
77.00 €
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The BYBOZO perfumed hair mist envelops your hair in an exquisite scent that subtly accompanies you throughout the day. This product moisturizes and conditions your hair without weighing it down, protects it from damage, enhances hair's shine, and makes it easier to comb. The hair perfume is presented in a spray form, making it convenient to carry with you to enhance the trail of your favorite fragrance throughout the day.

Directions of use: Apply the perfumed hair mist to dry or slightly damp hair from a distance of 10-15 cm. The hair mist can be used both on its own and in combination with BYBOZO perfumes.


Fragrance of Love Confession

Creation history:

Decent - a dedication to true, sincere love - strong, thrilling, and tender. "Allow me not to say much about DECENT. I really want every man on the planet to give this fragrance to his beloved woman," admits Hamudi Khalil.

Fragrance Character:

The fragrance is intimate, mysterious, and very seductive. It captivates and entices with its crystalline beauty and sensuality. Spicy pink pepper starts in the top notes. Attractive woody undertones seem to flirt with the beautiful, sensual peony, giving this fragrant elixir a magical, seductive sound. The fragrance is rounded off by an alluring duo of musk and amber. It is delicate, elegant, and crystal-clear... The fragrance of a woman you want to cherish!

Brume Cheveux DECENT Brume Cheveux DECENT Brume Cheveux DECENT Brume Cheveux DECENT
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