Hair Mist HABIBI

Groups Gourmet
The top notes are Grass
The middle notes are Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants
The base notes are Musk, Sandalwood
Volume 50 ml
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The BYBOZO perfumed hair mist envelops your hair in an exquisite scent that subtly accompanies you throughout the day. This product moisturizes and conditions your hair without weighing it down, protects it from damage, enhances hair's shine, and makes it easier to comb. The hair perfume is presented in a spray form, making it convenient to carry with you to enhance the trail of your favorite fragrance throughout the day.

Directions of use: Apply the perfumed hair mist to dry or slightly damp hair from a distance of 10-15 cm. The hair mist can be used both on its own and in combination with BYBOZO perfumes.

Hair Mist HABIBI

Creation history:

Habibi is an expression of sincere and true love, where you accept a person with all their strengths and weaknesses. In the family of Hamudi Khalil, the founder of the BYBOZO perfume house, the word "Habibi" was frequently spoken; it's how they refer to their beloved and cherished ones. This word embodies tenderness, care, and love.

Fragrance Character:

An enveloping aromatic aura that seems to shield you from the outside world and transports you to a realm of harmony and tranquility. Soft and gourmet, it's perfect for moments when you seek emotional warmth and enchantment. The composition begins with lush shades of Mediterranean greenery washed by sea breezes. The heart of the fragrance is creamy and velvety, featuring almond, red currant leaf, and ripe cherry. This trio is like a hypnotic trance, making those around you fall in love with you.


Groups: Gourmet

Habibi belongs to the group of oriental gourmand compositions. Fragrances in this group possess multifaceted and elegant notes and exceptional longevity.


Head notes: Grass

The fragrance begins with a fresh green accord, woven from the shades of Mediterranean herbs, bathed in fresh sea breezes and warmed by the sun's rays.

Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants

Heart notes: Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants

In the heart of the composition, a juicy note of red cherry, accentuated by the freshness of red currant leaves and the creamy tenderness of almond, is heard.


Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood

The sensual base of creamy musk and milky sandalwood completes the composition's resonance.

Мускус, Сандал
Brume Cheveux HABIBI Brume Cheveux HABIBI Brume Cheveux HABIBI Brume Cheveux HABIBI
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